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The Short Guide To Choosing Quality Audi Rims

The Short Guide To Choosing Quality Audi Rims

You just got your brand new Audi and want it to be perfect in every aspect. You checked the brakes, the engine, and the tires, and you feel like everything’s in check.  But have you checked your Audi rims?

Most drivers ignore their vehicle’s rims, and that is not good. Low-quality Audi rims can lead to drastic consequences as your tires could suddenly blow up while driving. And you should know what to look for in a good set of rims before buying it to keep you safe from accidents. Below are some of the things you should look for before buying a new set of Audi rims.

Things To Check Before Buying Audi Rims

There are too many things to keep an eye on, and unless you plan on working in the industry, you probably don’t need to know all of them to spot good quality rims.  So here is a list of the major ones:

Esthetic damage: This might sound obvious, but it is crucial. You should look for cosmetic damage like signs of curbing, damage to the painting, and scratches.

Physical damage: You want to check for bends, cracks, and overall roundness. The important thing that most overlook here is not just checking the front of the rim but also the back, as a lot of damage could be hidden behind it.

Rim specs: As silly as it may sound, some drivers don’t check for Audi rim specs when getting a new set of rims. When the size, offset, or bolt pattern doesn’t fit, it translates to big problems, as your wheel can roll off if you drive over a big enough bump.

Authenticity: As with tires, rims also have plenty of knockoffs. That’s why you should always check whether the rims you are buying are what the vendor says. The problem with knockoff Audi rims is not just the lower quality but also the fact that it will be hard to find information on them in case problems arise.

If you want to be sure you are buying the right set of rims for your Audi, your best bet is to go to an established rim shop. And we at MotionTyres are known among our clients for that.

With our years of experience in the automotive industry, we can ensure the highest quality authentic Audi rims. We have highly skilled and certified technicians to help you at every step of the process to ensure you get quality service and total customer satisfaction.

Motion Tyres doesn’t just offer you high-quality rims but also other services like tire rotation, balancing, and tire storage.


Knowing what to look for in your rims is essential if you don’t want to run into knockoffs or, even worse, risk your safety while driving.  You should never overlook your rim’s quality, and with these tips, you will  have a better understanding of rims over the average driver.

If you are looking for expert advice on your next set of Audi rims, get in touch now, and we will handle all your rim questions.

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